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Grain Sack Pillow Slip***SOLD***

Grain Sack Pillow Slip***SOLD***


This pillow slip is made from a grain sack with grey stripes and a creamy  background. It is patched together with complimenting vintage handwoven hemp. Because this fabric is vintage, possibly antique and has a history of serving to store a family's grain it has patches and some stains.  It measures 23 inches square and fits a 26 inch insert for a full pillow. The back is a complimenting modern day fabric blend with button closure.  This is a handmade item that may have small imperfections including the patches and light stains.   ***This is the price for the slip only***

Length: 23 inches
Width: 23 inches
Material: hemp line and linen blend
Only ships within United States and Canada. Returns accepted within two weeks of purchase, money spent on shipping not included in refund.