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Transferware Gift Set***SOLD***

Transferware Gift Set***SOLD***


This gift set includes 3 tiny grain sack lavender sachets and a small cresecnt shaped antique transferware dish.  This lovely dish has signs of its age including a chip, some crazing, and some discoloration. The dish measure 6 1/2 inches wide. Please note that these sachets are handmade using antique and vintage linens, they may have small imperfections such as stains. They measure approximately 2 inches square. If you would like to mail this package to a loved one, we can wrap it up and include a personalized note.  Please send us an email at pennyandivydecor@gmail.com and include the address of whom you would like the gift to be mailed to and what you would like to be said in a personalized note. FREE SHIPPING within the US and Canada.

Length: 2 inches
Width: 2 inches
Material: hemp linen and fabric blend
Only ships within United States and Canada. Returns accepted within two weeks of purchase, money spent on shipping not included in refund.