May Pillow Sale

I have been enjoying my week sewing some new pillows (made with old fabric of course) for the online shop.  I have been collecting some unique fabrics for a the past couple months to create some fun new pieces.  Because these vintage fabrics are well, vintage, they come in all different sizes, and almost never the big enough for what is typically needed for a pillow. This is where piecing in other fabrics comes in handy, I enjoy using a bit of creativity to solve this problem.  I love the neutral tone and texture of vintage hemp linen, it generally compliments most other fabrics I use, and buttons often come in handy too.

Vintage Hemp towelsHere is a bit of the beginning. These pillows began with lovely, vintage hemp kitchen towels.

sewing buttonsAdding some button holes.

vintage hemp pillowThen with a couple more steps, there is a finished product.  If you would like to purchase click here.

Each one of the fabrics that I used for this restock I loved for various reasons.  I most definitely love this whimsical vintage French fabric that has so many charming details. I don't typically gravitate towards this olive green color, but it works perfectly for this pillow. Luckily I was able to purchase two remnant pieces.  So one for the shop and one for my house :).

Vintage French FabricThis is the problem solving stage

Vintage French fabricFiguring out the buttons. At this point my sewing corner is getting messier with each step.


Vintage French PillowThe finished product. Here is the link for the listing.  Also notice the pretty pink grain sack, this was a first for me.

Vintage French FabricThe sweet details~

Vintage Hemp Pillow
I love the embroidery that is on these pillows.  I found the fabric while searching my usual online shops.  I suspect it was originally a scarf or a very thin table runner.  It was a long piece of hemp linen that was just 8 inches wide and had this pretty navy blue embroidery at the ends.  I think pieced together with some comlimenting linen, they make a pretty pair of pillows. The listing links are here and here.

Vintage hemp linen pillow

Getting this pretty blue linen was very fortunate indeed.  Its not typical to have this yummy vintage fabric that works perfectly for bigger pillows.  There are two of these large rectangular pillows, I keep thinking that they would look so nice on a pair of twin beds.  But surely this is just one of many spots that would be complimented by some blue stripes.

Vintage hemp linenlink here

 Would it really be a Penny and Ivy sale without a some German grain sack pillows?? I mean its possible to have a sale without them.  But they make the sale better for sure.  German Grain Sack Pillowslinks for the listings here, here, and here.

German grain sack pillow

Thanks for stopping by!! Each pillow is unique. If you happen to miss out on a pillow that you had hoped to buy, feel free to contact me.  I often can make something similar or try find like fabrics.  My email is